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Designing Solutions for Health Challenges in Humanitarian Crises


Designing Solutions for Health Challenges in Humanitarian Crises

Sat. Jun 23, 2018 8:00am - Sun. Jul 1, 2018 12:00pm (Recurring)
JHU Homewood Campus 3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218 View Map Link
All Johns Hopkins University nursing students are cordially invited to participate in the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design's next Humanitarian Health Hackathon, scheduled to take place between Gaza and Baltimore from June 23-July 1, 2018. 

A hackathon is an intensive design sprint-like event that brings together participants from multidisciplinary backgrounds and areas of expertise to solve a targeted problem. Hackathons are often used as a great venue to quickly develop novel solutions and technologies. This Humanitarian Health Design Hackathon will connect team members from both Baltimore and Gaza over the course of a week to address some of the most pressing healthcare challenges facing refugees in the Gaza Strip. The theme will be “Empowering First Responders” in Gaza.

Expected Time Commitment: Hackathon participants are expected to participate full-time during the weekends of June 23-June 24 and June 30-July 1. During the week of June 25-June 29, participants will be expected to call in for joint sessions from 9 AM - 10 AM EST. Outside of these call-in sessions, participants will be expected to work remotely with their team members on their own agreed upon schedules.

Saturday June 23: 8:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST

Sunday June 24: 8:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST

Monday June 25 - Friday June 29: Teams work together remotely on their own time, aside from a joint call-in session from 9 AM EST - 10 AM EST

Saturday June 30: 8:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST

Sunday July 1: 8:00 AM EST - 12:00 PM EST

Who: Students undergoing Medical, Nursing, Public Health, Engineering, Design, and Business educational training.

Where: Clark Hall Rm. 110, Rm. 210, Rm. 311B, Design Studio East & West

Lecture Topics:

  1. Introduction to the Region, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, status of Palestinian refugees in Gaza

  2. Principles of Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design

  3. Case studies of Engineering Health Solutions in Humanitarian Crises Settings

  4. Johns Hopkins University Emergency Care Overview

    1. What is emergency care?

    2. Emergency care pathway

    3. Basic First Aid Care and CPR Training

  5. Gaza Emergency Care Overview

    1. Emergency response/referral pathway

    2. Barriers to care

  6. Gaza First Responder Challenges

  7. Baltimore EMT/Emergency Responder

  8. Community Mental Health

To register, please visit If you have any questions, please reach out to Sofia Ahsanuddin, Project Manager, at We hope to see you there!
Sofia Ahsanuddin 7182132717