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Una Lee, BS, RN

Una Lee

Pathway to Pediatrics


As a second generation Korean American born and raised in Southern California, it was not a mistake that I was one of millions of uninsured Americans for most of my life; that I had immigrant parents who did not realize the importance of regular checkups and preventative health care; that a number of my family members passed away from cancer caught too late; that my fear of doctors added to my avoidance of getting proper health care even as an adult with insurance; or, that I took a class in college that ignited a passion in me to improve patient-provider communication and ultimately led me to the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

None of these things were a mistake, because all of these experiences have molded who I am today and driven me to pursue nursing. I know firsthand the importance of basic and preventative health care and have a vested interest in bringing that message to everyone, from the uninsured to the fearful, infants to the elderly.

This spring, I began a pediatrics rotation on the oncology unit at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and unexpectedly fell in love with the field and its young patient population. The seven weeks I spent on that unit essentially changed the course of my nursing career-this summer, I accepted a position in pediatric oncology at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, near my home and family.

I am honored and thankful to have been chosen to receive the Drs. I. Ridgeway and Frances Trimble Scholarship. It is a gift of education that will undoubtedly go on to touch many people in need of care.

Ridgeway and Francis Trimble Scholarship

Established in 1996 by an anonymoous donor to recognize the Trimbles, both physicians, have played in the history of Johns Hopkins Nursing. Dr. I. Ridgeway Trimble was the leading proponent in the medical community for establishing nursing education as a degree-granting division of the University, and Dr. Frances Trimble was a founding member of the National Council for Johns Hopkins Nursing.