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Tameka Cottman

Tameka Cottman



Fourth-generation nurse Tameka Cottman figures efforts to change the world should start in your own backyard. And with teamwork. “I am interested in helping patients heal at the bedside. I’m interested in being part of the team,” says the Baltimore Talent Scholar, recruited from Baltimore’s city schools system for a spot in a Master’s in Nursing (MSN) Entry Into Nursing cohort.

The Baltimore Talent Scholars program finds people like Cottman who care about the city and helps them learn to care for their communities. Of course, the nursing education these scholars receive comes without limits, and will take them anywhere they want to go. But it all starts here: “I’m interested in doing some nursing work with the homeless population of Baltimore city.”

Cottman will be the first nurse I her family to earn a master’s degree. “And my son is very proud of me,” she says. “It was a blessing to receive the scholarship and I’m honored to have been chosen to receive it.”