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Sara Rosenthal, MSN, BS, RN

Sara Rosenthal




As an undergraduate in the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Research Honors Program, Sara Rosenthal learned that the observations a nurse makes in her work can also become fascinating research questions. “That opened me up to the possibility of research,” she says. “After I graduated and I entered the field, I started thinking about what I was seeing in my practice.” As a neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurse, Rosenthal was struck by the way parents make decisions in high-stress situations. Some wanted to maintain control over how their baby was treated, while others preferred to let the hospital staff take charge.

For her dissertation she studied the factors that influence parent decision-making in the NICU, from education and race to the amount of trust that parents have in their healthcare providers. It’s a topic that continues to fascinate her. Rosenthal is expected to receive her PhD this coming May and plans to teach. She also wants to further investigate parent decision-making in the NICU.

Ellen Levi Zamoiski Fellow, 2006-2007