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Lisa-Marie Williams, MS, RN, NECO '12

Lisa-Marie Williams


Lisa-Marie Williams was a nurse technician when her employer, a Baltimore community hospital, switched from paper to electronic nursing documentation.  She, along with the hospital’s other techs and nurses, got up to speed on the new technology with a series of special classes and workshops.
“I started reading everything I could about electronic medical records, and I knew I wanted to work with these systems and teach people how to use them,” she says.  “I kind of became obsessed with it.”

While Williams completed her master’s degree in medical informatics, she spent a year as a hospital-based nurse educator, teaching staff to use the hospital’s electronic health record.  She enjoyed the work, but knew that she could do better with more knowledge about the teaching and learning processes.

The Nurse Educator certificate option at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing was the solution she was looking for.
“Hopkins was the best fit for me,” says Williams.  “The professors understood where I wanted to go in my career, what I wanted to accomplish, and how they could help.  I found that the classes were really dynamic and very interactive.  The teachers were just wonderful, very open, and really wanted to help me learn.”
She completed the 12-credit program within one year, and, Williams says, it made her more effective as a nurse informatics specialist at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.
“I’ve learned how to be a better teacher and how to approach students from several different avenues.  At my job, we’re preparing for a major upgrade to our electronic health records system, and we have to figure out how to educate the nurses, nursing techs, physicians, and others.  Thanks to the Nurse Educator program, I now have a better idea of when to use formalized teaching or internet training or simulations,” she says.
Williams hopes to become a full-time informatics nurse educator, helping nurses harness the power of technology to improve patient care.  In her line of work, “informatics and education go hand-in-hand.  My new understanding of education gives me confidence to excel in my career.”

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