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Lai Wong, BS

Lai Wong

I Feel Lucky


Coming from an immigrant family with five children, going to college is already a challenge, let alone going on to pursue anything beyond a first baccalaureate degree. I feel very lucky and honored to study at Johns Hopkins, and moreover to receive the financial scholarship and educational opportunities that have further enriched me as a scholar and a nurse.

We all have choices to make in life, and I am grateful that scholarship donors have chosen to support us, the Johns Hopkins Nursing students.  With their support, nurses have the potential to make a difference; nursing and its research can transform all aspects of health care.

I am enjoying every moment of my studying and professional development at Johns Hopkins.  While working as a nurse clinician in the Emergency Acute Care Unit, I look for opportunities to contribute to society and our profession through research and innovation. I never though of going into an intense nursing practice such as emergency medicine or intensive care, but I am developing a stronger interest in these areas.

Maybe it is the stimulating atmosphere of Hopkins which drives us to always be better, or perhaps it is destiny which tells me that I, a Hopkins nurse, can be more than what people might think.

France Merrick Foundation Scholarship

The Leadership Fellows Program in Clinical Nursing was established at the School of Nursing in 2003 with a grant from the Helene Fuld Health Trust.  The program prepares nursing students to become leaders in clinical quality patient care.  The France Merrick Foundation Scholarship was established in 2000 to support students working in the Lillian Wald Community Nursing Centers.  The gift was part of a $10 million commitment to the university and is administered by the Pinkard family, for whom the School of Nursing building is named.