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Heba Almattar, DNP, MSc, BSN, RN

Heba Almattar

Doctoral Type:

DNP Alumni


DNP Executive


Kimberly McIltrot, DNP, CPNP, CWON


Heba Almattar is a Cardiovascular Institute nursing director at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare. The first clinical nurse specialist at Saudi Aramco, she earned a bachelor's degree from Dammam University in 1999 and worked for 16 years within adult medical, surgical, and intensive care settings in direct nursing care, nursing education, and nursing management. In 2008, she moved to Australia and obtained a master of advance nursing practice from the University of Melbourne. Her focus is secondary cardiovascular prevention and cardiac rehabilitation.

Major Achievement(s)

  • First clinical nurse specialist at Saudi Aramco.
  • Led the implementation of the first comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia.