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Delenie Wong

Delenie Wong

Fuld Fellow Cohort III


The objective of my quality and safety project is to prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE) and to identify factors associated with the non-administration of VTE prophylaxis (heparin and enoxaparin) on the Meyer 9 and Zayed 11 East units. Under the mentorship of Deborah Hobson and Dauryne Shafer, I gathered data on all prescribed doses of VTE prophylaxis for hospitalized patients on Meyer 9 and Zayed 11 East for August 2013 with moderate to high VTE risks. Through data analysis, I was able to determine whether the missed doses were a result of suboptimal patient education or a misunderstanding of the purpose of prophylaxis by nurses. This project challenged me to analyze patient data and to develop interventions to minimize VTE risks.

After completing my BSN in July 2014, I began the MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner track at Johns Hopkins. In 2010, I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Economics and a minor in Spanish. After spending time studying in Spain, I worked for Kaiser Permanente as a Workforce Planning Analyst.

My interest in patient safety and quality improvement stems from my process improvement work at Kaiser Permanente. At Kaiser, I volunteered to be a part of the Nurse Knowledge Exchange Plus study that focused on enhancing the inpatient care experience by improving the shift transition process for off-going and oncoming nurses. I have noticed similar challenges at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It is our responsibility as health care providers to make changes to improve patient outcomes.

The knowledge and skills that I have gained as a Fuld Fellow will allow me to influence patient safety in the hospital setting as a future nurse practitioner. My goal is to work closely with nurse managers and to advocate for changes to improve quality. My long-term goal is to work directly with lower socioeconomic and limited-English speaking communities in urban areas that lack access to quality health resources in a community health setting. Through patient education, I hope to bridge cultural and language barriers and provide them with the resources to navigate the healthcare system in order to most effectively persevere through medical and psychological adversities.