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Brett Morgan, DNP '09, MS, BS '02, CRNA

Brett Morgan


When Brett Morgan decided to go back to school for a doctorate in nursing practice, he knew there was nowhere he’d rather study than at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

"I knew that Hopkins would be bringing the best of the best to the program. The faculty is world-renowned; the other students come from so many different backgrounds. I chose to go back to Hopkins," says Morgan, who earned his bachelor’s degree from Hopkins School of Nursing in 2002.

But there was a problem: Morgan lives in Raleigh, N.C., and works for a large anesthesiology practice. He’s a clinical preceptor for a nurse anesthesia school in Raleigh, and he also lectures at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. And Morgan’s wife, who earned her Master’s degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins in 2005, is happily settled in Raleigh, too.

The solution: the Hopkins Doctor of Nursing Practice program, which offers an executive session format designed for working professionals.  Much of Morgan's studying is done online. Twice a semester, he travels to Hopkins for a week of onsite classes.

Upon completion of his doctoral project, Morgan hopes to have figured out a way for patients to have better post-operative outcomes after being anesthetized. "If you’re going to alter someone’s physiology you owe it to them to understand what you’re doing. This program provides me the tools that I need to access the newest and best in patient care." His goal is for patients to have less pain after surgery, less time spent in the recovery room, and less pain medication during and after surgery. "We owe it to our patients to function at the highest level that we can."

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