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Alison Owens, MSN ‘14, RN

Alison Owens


MSN Health Systems Management



In 2014, Alison Owens had two reasons to celebrate: It was her 30-year anniversary as a Hopkins nurse and she earned her master’s degree in health systems management.

Today, Allison heads a team of 10 patient care coordinators in the radiology department. She not only supervises, but also still gets to do some hands-on coordination (“which I love to do”) and spearheads larger projects, such as improving patient flow or facilitating the unit’s move into a new building.

Allison made her mark at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, first working in cardiology and telemetry. She even helped develop —and then enthusiastically stepped into—the position of patient care coordinator. “I wanted to have the opportunity to make a big impact. That’s my passion: process improvement, quality improvement, looking at our current practices and improving upon them,” she says.

The MSN in Health Systems Management caught Allison’s eye as the next step to advance her career. “The program was absolutely fantastic. It’s been very applicable to my job as a nurse, a coordinator, and a leader. I’ve been able to apply knowledge and skills that I’ve learned in my classes to my job and my role,” she says.

“At Johns Hopkins, we’re always expanding, growing, changing, improving,” Owens says. “I really look forward to participating in—and even leading—some of those efforts.”