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The Academic Success Center (ASC), established in 2018, is part of the School of Nursing’s commitment to providing support and resources to enable students to succeed at the highest levels. The ASC promotes student success by providing learner-centric, engaging, responsive, and interactive academic support for enrolled SON degree and certificate students. All ASC services are free.

The ASC offers a range of services. We will not have our full range of services available until Spring 2019, but we currently have the following services available:

  • 1-1 Writing Assistance (in-person and online)
  • Writing Workshops on Nursing-relevant topics (APA, Synthesis, etc.)
  • Workshops on various topics related to academic success (Time Management, Organization & Planning, ATI, etc.)

Our goal at the ASC is to provide holistic academic support that enhances your learning skills and abilities. We welcome you--whether you are new to the field of Nursing or are a seasoned professional, and whether you need some extra help in a science-heavy course, or are looking to become a better writer. Whatever your need or reason for coming to the ASC, we are here to help.

To make an appointment for writing assistance, email:



Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
525 N Wolfe St
Pinkard Room 313
To schedule an appointment, email the ASC manager, Renée Mitchell-Matsuyama:


Writing assistance
For Fall 2018, writing assistance is available in-person or online, by appointment only. Primary availability is M-F, 8:30-5. Evening and weekend availability is limited.

Workshops are scheduled at various times, depending on current course schedules and staff availability. Registration required. Current workshop schedule and registration access can be found in the event section below.

Policies and Expectations

  • General Expectations
    By utilizing ASC services, you are agreeing to:
    • Be on time to any registered appointments or workshops
    • Come to each tutoring session prepared with specific questions/concerns
    • Be actively engaged in each and every tutoring session you attend
    • Be respectful of your tutors' time and energy
  • Appointments
    • All scheduled tutoring appointments are 30-60 minutes long
    • For Fall 2018, tutoring is limited to 1 appointment per week
    • During busy times, this number may be reduced to accommodate the needs of all students
    • JHSON staff reserves the right to cancel or reschedule appointments that do not adhere to policies
  • What we don't offer
    • Editing. Our tutors will not edit or proofread your papers for you. Writing assistance is a collaborative process that requires your full engagement.
    • Grade guarantees. While it is likely that your grades will improve if you utilize the ASC's services on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee any specific grades or improvement of grades after a tutoring session.
    • Easy answers. Tutors will not complete homework assignments for you, nor will they simply give you the answer to a problem or homework question. Their role is to support your learning process, not to learn for you.

Coming Soon

Beginning in Spring 2019, we will also feature the following services in addition to our current menu:

  • 1-1 Tutoring in science-based and clinical courses (Biostatistics, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Chronic & Complex Health Alterations etc.), in-person and online
  • Group study sessions for science-based and clinical courses
  • Course Primers for science-based courses
  • Expanded Writing Assistance availability
  • Additional Workshop offerings (SPSS, Learning Styles, etc.)