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Julia Eckert - President

Julia Eckert is a student in the MSN: Entry to Nursing program at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Bachelor’s in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences in 2014. Julia has a diverse background of work experiences, including HIV testing in the JHH Emergency Department, serving as a doula for women in the Baltimore area, and working as an Access Assistant through the University of Minnesota’s Disability Resource Center. Most recently, she has served as a coach at the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Rowing Club, where she furthered her leadership skills and relished the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals with a similar drive and passion.  Her interests include emergency care, mental health and women’s health/midwifery.  She looks forward to serving the students of the SON and creating a welcoming community for the current and future thought leaders and change makers who call the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing home.

Stephanie Shelton – Vice President of Communication

Stephanie Shelton is a student in the MSN: Entry to Nursing program at JHSON. She is originally from Georgia, where she earned a BA degree from Agnes Scott College.  Stephanie considers herself to be a humanitarian with work and volunteer experience in healthcare and education fields.  Most recently, she managed middle and high school programs for Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.  She has extensive teaching, team-building, and project management experience.  She cares for her two teenage daughters and aging parents who reside in Georgia.  Stephanie is passionate about individual and cultural empowerment.  Her nursing interests include neurology, palliative care, and global health.  As VP of Communications, she hopes to actively engage and network the JHSON community through integrative, inclusive, and timely messaging.

Thomas Winkler – Vice President of Finances

Tom Winkler is a MSN: Entry to Nursing student at the Johns Hopkins  School of Nursing. He is originally from Pennsylvania and graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor's in Health Policy and Administration in 2013. During his time at Penn State, he served as a student leader for multiple student and University-run organizations and was a volunteer with the local ambulance service.  Prior to starting at Johns Hopkins, he was the Project Director of the EMS for Children Program in Pennsylvania, which is a federal grant program designed to improve pediatric emergency medical care in all aspects. His work that was implemented in Pennsylvania is now being adapted for use in states and territories across the country.  His interests includes emergency care, quality improvement, and sexual minority care.  He looks forward to engaging with students to enhance their experience at the SON.

Joyce Brew– Vice President of Inter-school Relations

Joyce Brew is a student in the MSN: Entry to Nursing program at JHSON. She relocated to Baltimore after residing in Los Angeles for 15 years. She earned her BA degree from California State University, Sacramento and an MFA from Pennsylvania State University. In Los Angeles, Joyce engaged her love of education and public service as a middle school teacher and a behavioral modification therapist for young children and teens. The arts have also served as a constant source of inspiration.  She toured solo performances throughout the US, addressing topics ranging from cultural diversity to eating disorders.  Over the last 10 years, Joyce served as a client liaison and product specialist for a global automotive company.  As a Fuld Fellow, she is a passionate advocate for patient safety and quality. Her interests include palliative care, gerontology, and global healthcare.  As VP of Inter-school Relations, she hopes to encourage and support events that will bring the SON and other JHU divisions together to cultivate and embrace diverse thinking and practice.