Group: Dean Emeriti and Professor Emeriti

  • Maryann Fralic

    Maryann Fralic

    Dr. Maryann Fralic is a leader among nurse leaders. An expert in health services administration and executive nurse practice, she continuously explores emerging issues in nursing education, research, and practice and melds them together to inform the future of nursing. At the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and in hospitals, community-based practice, and the…

  • Deborah Finnell

    Deborah Finnell

    Deborah Finnell has specialized in mental health and addictions for the majority of her career.  From her grounding as a registered nurse working in inpatient psychiatry, she expanded her role to that of a clinical nurse specialist and then a nurse practitioner. She brings her passion for the neurobiological bases of mental health and addictions…

  • Patricia M. Davidson

    Patricia M. Davidson

    Former Dean and Professor Patricia Davidson has been a registered nurse since 1980 and has clinical, teaching, and practice expertise in cardiovascular science and the care of vulnerable populations. Across her career, she has been committed to developing innovative models of person-centered care delivery and evidence-based teaching. Dr. Davidson served as secretary general of the…

  • Jerilyn (Jeri) Allen

    Jerilyn (Jeri) Allen

    Jerilyn Allen is known throughout the international nursing and medical communities for her research on the prevention of cardiovascular disease as well as beneficial lifestyle modifications for persons with or at high risk for the disease. Through clinical and community-based research, Dr. Allen has developed and tested such innovative care models as a nurse case…