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Prevalence, Risk Factors and Molecular Epidemiology of MRSA among Newly Admitted Psychiatry Patients

Jason E. Farley

Jason Farley
Principal Investigator


To characterize the epidemiology and molecular determinants of MRSA among newly admitted psychiatric patients.

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Research Questions

1. What is the prevalence of MRSA nasal and axilla colonization and skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI) among men and women on admission to inpatient psychiatry?

2. What risk factors for MRSA colonization and/or infection are present on admission?

3. What is the incidence of MRSA colonization during inpatient psychiatric hospitalization?

4. Are the newly acquired MRSA strains epidemiologically linked to another patient?

We will perform a cross-sectional surveillance study to evaluate the prevalence and risk factors for MRSA nasal and axilla colonization and MRSA skin and soft tissue infection on admission to inpatient psychiatry. Risk factor identification and initial testing for disease outcome will occur on admission and upon discharge from the inpatient units. We will retest each consented patient on discharge to calculate an incidence rate for new colonization and/or infection. All isolates will be frozen to await molecular epidemiologic analysis. The study will perform molecular characterization of the MRSA isolates using the Ibis ESI-MS technology.