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What placements and units are available?

SPAN placements will be located at one of four partner sites:

Placements will be made by service area of interest so be sure to indicate on your SPAN questionnaire and essay the area(s) of nursing you are interested in pursuing and where you hope to work. See information about the service areas and placements available here.

I’m interested in SPAN but I don’t see a unit or nursing service area of interest listed as a placement. Is it possible to get a placement on a unit other than the ones listed?

Yes, additional units can often be procured. However we need to know you are interested in the program sooner rather than later. Please contact Sarah Firestone, Program Manager, as early as possible in your fourth semester at JHSON.  Please note, we are unable to provide placements at sites other than the partner facilities listed.

Can I attend an advanced level graduate nursing degree program offered by an institution other than Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON)?

Yes. However, qualified students who will pursue their graduate studies at JHSON will be given priority for admittance into the SPAN program.  

Can I attend an advanced level graduate nursing degree program offered online?

Yes. There are several online graduate nursing degree options offered by JHSON. Qualified students pursing any JHSON graduate degree program will be given priority for acceptance into SPAN. Qualified students who will be pursuing a graduate nursing degree online at another institution will be considered for a SPAN placement only if space warrants.

Can I apply to SPAN and one of the other Synthesis Practicum course specialty placements (e.g., All Children's Hospital in FL, or specialty unit nurse residency Program at JHH  (if offered), etc.)?

No. Students may apply to only one (1) Synthesis specialty placement practicum. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in your SPAN application not being reviewed.

I’m applying to SPAN, so do I need to complete the required practicum application for the Integrated clinical management: Synthesis Practicum course?

Yes. If you intend to apply to SPAN it is mandatory that you complete the practicum application for the Integrated Clinical Management: Synthesis Practicum course, and on it indicate that you will be applying to the SPAN program as well. This application will be used by Synthesis Practicum course coordinators to track which students intend to apply to specialty Synthesis Practicum placements such as SPAN. (Remember, you can only apply to one (1) specialty program.) If you do not indicate on your Synthesis Practicum course application that you are applying to SPAN then your SPAN applicant questionnaire, essay, and recommendation letters will not be reviewed and you will not be considered by the committee for an interview. In the event that you are not accepted to SPAN you will still need an Synthesis Practicum course placement to complete your nursing degree. Therefore you must complete the section of the Synthesis Practicum application that pertains to a general practicum placement. If you are accepted to SPAN then we will notify the Synthesis Practicum course coordinators of your status and where you will be completing your practicum.

Should I complete share time on a unit or in a service area where I would like to be placed for the SPAN Program?

While not mandatory for the SPAN application and review process, completing share time on a specific unit or service area of interest is strongly encouraged as it will help determine if a unit or service area will be a good fit for the student and the staff. Additionally, if you are selected for a SPAN placement and referred to a nurse manager (NM) for an interview, many NMs may require that you complete share time on their unit as part of your interview to gauge whether you will be a good fit on the unit. It is a good idea to ask about this when scheduling your interview with the NM. For your convenience, you may even be able to complete share time on the same day as your SPAN interview with a NM so be sure to discuss this possibility with him/her. If this is the case, remember to bring scrubs with you to change into after your interview in order to complete share time on the unit.

If accepted into the SPAN program, when would I need to enroll in an advanced level graduate nursing program by?

Students are expected to begin their graduate nursing studies 12-18 months after they graduate with their pre-licensure nursing degree. 

Will SPAN provide tuition support for graduate school?

The SPAN program does not provide direct tuition support, however all of the SPAN partner institutions offer tuition assistance as part of their benefits packages. Additionally, at least one partner facility, Johns Hopkins Hospital is considered a “Critical Shortage Facilities” per HRSA and thus nurses employed here may be eligible for Nurse Corp Loan Repayment and Nurse Corp Scholarship Programs. 

How long must I commit to the SPAN program and my employer?

After students complete their final clinical practicum, pass the NCLEX and are hired by the partner facility, the expectation is that students admitted to the SPAN program will commit to the program and their employer for 3 years.

I want to know more about the Partner facilities participating in SPAN, including benefits information offered to nurses who are hired to work at these facilities. Where can I find this information?

Students may investigate the partners to learn more about benefits offered by viewing their websites, including the HR sections of their websites. Additionally, the partners have provided specific information to the SPAN Program Manager, Sarah Firestone, about the benefits offered to nurses employed at their facilities. Students may view this information by appointment. Please contact Sarah Firestone for more information. Lastly, students who apply and are selected to interview with a nurse manager at a Partner institution are encouraged to discuss the benefits package offered to nurse employees at the time of their interview.

What should I wear to my interview?

If you are selected to interview with the SPAN committee then proper attire consisting of business casual or business professional dress is recommended. If you are then selected to interview with a Nurse Manager on a unit of interest business professional dress is required for that interview. Additionally, if you schedule share time on the unit for after your interview remember to bring scrubs and proper footwear with you to the interview to change into before you begin share time. Failure to do so may mean that your share time will have to be rescheduled.

Who makes up the SPAN Team?

We’re glad you asked! The SPAN Team is led by JHSON Professor, Dr. Tener Goodwin Veenema. Along with Dr. Veenema, faculty members Dr. Kimberly McIltrot and Nicole Johnson serve as SPAN Faculty Mentors to Program participants. Sarah Firestone is the SPAN Program Manager and manages all Program logistics. All four SPAN team members review candidate applications, conduct candidate interviews, and perform a wide array of other SPAN Program specific responsibilities.



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