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In 2018, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing joined together two existing academic departments to harmonize a range of business processes and functions. In line with this transition, the Office for Science and Innovation (OSI) now manages the activities of the Faculty Interest Groups (FIGs). Support from OSI includes strategic planning, coordination of events, and documentation of outcomes.

Faculty Interest Groups in the School of Nursing create an informal forum for learning and dialogue related to topics proposed by School of Nursing faculty; please see table below for current topics. Groups are faculty driven and open to all instructors, full or part-time, as well as staff with a particular interest in the topic.

Group FocusFaculty Leader
Breast Feeding in the WorkplaceGinger Hanson
Cardio Metabolic HealthDiana Baptiste and Yvonne Commodore Mensah
Health EquityKamila Alexander and Janiece Taylor
Health LiteracyHae-Ra Han
HIVJennifer Stewart
InformaticsKrysia Hudson
Modifiable Health RisksMichael Sanchez
PediatricsDeborah Busch
Respiratory ConditionsVinciya Pandian

Faculty Interest Groups provide participants with occasions for networking and forming cross-disciplinary connections related to a topic(s) of mutual interest. These groups also offer an opportunity for a collaborative approach to improving teaching as well as producing research, scholarship, and creative activity necessary for promotion and tenure.

Ideally, the work of each Faculty Interest Group will result in some sort of product, e.g., conference attendance, abstract submission, workshop creation, advancement of a research project, a publication, or a similar scholarly product. Groups should also be tied strongly to the mission and goals of the School of Nursing, as well as complimenting existing Areas of Excellence. Outcomes are determined by each respective group and the kinds of questions they are tackling. Within each group there is some measure to evaluate productivity and thus accountability. At any point during the academic year, a SON faculty member can propose a FIG related to a teaching, scholarship, or career development interest.