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Center for Cardiovascular and Chronic Care

the Center

About the Center

"Cardiovascular health can be improved particularly in vulnerable populations through community engagement as well as future innovations in research."

The Center aims to provide state-of-the-art technology-assisted interventions, integrated training and career development activities, broad dissemination and implementation of research findings, and targeted health policy initiatives.

The Center works to significantly reduce cardiovascular health disparities through community engagement, scientific investigation, education, and policy initiatives. It supports the education, training, and mentoring of new investigators; provides administrative and mentoring services and support to Center investigators; and disseminates findings, data, and resources.


  • Provide an infrastructure dedicated to advancing nursing science to improve the cardiovascular health of vulnerable populations
  • Foster a new generation of nursing scholars engaged in interdisciplinary/transprofessional research in the area of cardiovascular health promotion for vulnerable populations
  • Enhance the translation and dissemination of research in the area of cardiovascular health among vulnerable populations


Center Associates

The Center Directors are advised on scientific and administrative decisions by the Executive Committee. The committee is composed of directors, core directors, and administrators at the School of Nursing. The committee meets monthly to ensure successful coordination of the center cores and functions.





Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) – The Premier Cardiovascular Nursing Conference

April 4-7, 2018
Marriot Baltimore Hotel
Baltimore, MD

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Sigma Theta Tau International 4th Biennial European Conference

June 4-8, 2018
Anglia Ruskin University
Cambridge, United Kingdom

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American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN)- 14th AAHFN Annual Meeting

June 28-30, 2018
Sheraton Grand,
Chicago, IL

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Sigma Theta Tau 29th International Nursing Research Congress

July 19-23, 2018
Melbourne, Australia

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Heart Failure Society of America- 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting

September 15-18, 2018
Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center
Nashville Tennessee

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Pilot Projects

An Automated System for Prevention of CVD in HIV Care Settings (ASPIRE)

In a three-year study of 700 Baltimore patients with HIV/AIDS, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing assistant professor Jason Farley will explore the effectiveness of healthcare clinicians in preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in HIV/AIDS patients.

Promoting Health Literacy of African Americans with HBP

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing researcher Benita Walton-Moss�partnered with Baltimore's community leaders in reaching out to substance abusers with hypertension with the goal of improving cardiovascular health. The associate professor launched a two-and-a-half-year study in a Baltimore neighborhood with the aim of decreasing the high rate of hypertension among African Americans, particularly those who are substance abusers.

Other 2011-2012 Pilot Studies updates

Dr. Kathy Ruble, from the School of Medicine, is conducting a study to examine the development of preclinical cardiovascular disease amongst Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Survivors. In this study, she has compared childhood cancer survivors to healthy controls to look for differences in early markers of cardiovascular disease, including endothelial dysfunction, arterial stiffness and metabolic syndrome. Dr. Ruble's research has focused on the long-term effects of cancer and therapy among survivors of childhood cancers and data from this study will expand her research into long-term cardiovascular health in this vulnerable population.

Dr. Linda Rose plans to begin a study of health literacy related to cardiovascular disease risk factors and cardiovascular disease in persons with mental illness. She hopes to identify strategies for addressing cardiovascular disease and risk reduction in this group of individuals who are at risk for cardiovascular disease and related complications.



Cardiovascular Disease
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Heart Failure

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Heart Transplantation

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Palliative Care/End-of-Life

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Pain and Symptom Management

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The Community-based Education and Cervical Cancer Prevention (CHECC-uP) Study (PI: Hae-Ra Han) is a randomized-controlled trial that aims to provide a health-literacy focused education to women living with HIV who have not received a Pap test in over 12 months. Women assigned to the intervention group receive a one-time education session, and monthly phone counseling sessions from a community health worker. A free phone app with information on HPV vaccines is also made available to women in the intervention group, and they are encouraged to share the information with their adolescent children. The delivery of the intervention is fully embedded within the community either at the participating community health clinics or a nurse-run wellness center. Women assigned to the control group receive a brochure with information on Pap testing, and places in the Baltimore area where they can receive a Pap smear.

The PLAN 4 Success-DM (PI: Hae-Ra Han) is a culturally tailored, nurse-led intervention program which involves diabetes related health literacy and disease education sessions, nurse home visits, and monthly phone counseling delivered by trained community health workers. The intervention is undergoing pilot testing in a sample of low-income African Americans residing in inner-city Baltimore. The PLAN 4 Success-DM program is fully integrated into the School of Nursing learning and service activities. The program utilizes Masters Entry nursing students as community health workers after training. Through the phone counseling, students are able to apply their health promotion knowledge and skills particularly in the area of cardiovascular health. Our program nurses are nurses who work with the JHU SON Center for Community Innovation and Scholarship (formerly Wald Clinic); a fully nurse-led clinic founded in 1994.

The PLAN-- Preparing successful aging through dementia Literacy education And Navigation—is a multi-faceted intervention to promote early detection of dementia (PI: Hae-Ra Han). It is currently being tested in Korean American caregivers. Korean Americans (KA), the 4th largest Asian minority groups in the U.S. with the rapid growth in population, have been specifically noted for poor access to dementia care. Even though their attachment to community is strong, dementia care is mostly done by family caretakers at home with isolation. Therefore, transition of families of individuals with probable dementia into healthcare access utilizing community resource can be one strategy to benefit patients and their families. The PLAN is delivered by trained community health worker housed in community based organization with the goal of promoting early detection of dementia and subsequent care transition.




The center is committed to providing an infrastructure dedicated to advancing the science of cardiovascular health in vulnerable populations. The following resources have been complied to help researchers in their endeavors.

Guidelines and Reports

Instruments and Tools

  • Self-Care Measurement Tools
  • Adherence
  • Health Literacy
  • Self-Efficacy
  • HTN Knowledge
  • Health Related Quality of Life

Related Literature


JNC-7ATP-III, JNC-7 Hypertension

Physical Activity


Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment

Cardiovascular Centers and Organizations at Hopkins

Below is a list of centers, institutions, and organizations that may have useful information pertinent to cardiovascular research in vulnerable populations.

Centers of Excellence (P30)

Other Relevant Organizations

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