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Victoria Goode, PhD, MSN, RN

Faculty Associate
Victoria Goode
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Big Data
  • Equity
  • Quality Improvement
  • Safety


Victoria Goode completed her PhD at the University of Virginia in 2015 and her research interest is focused on patient safety examining adverse surgical outcomes in vulnerable populations through the use of secondary data via both national datasets and institutional clinical data repositories. Her PhD research focused on the rates of adverse events in the obese patient population through the AHRQ PSIs. She has continued to use the methodology of big data to examine adverse outcomes in vulnerable patient populations undergoing orthopedic joint replacement surgery. She has examined the impact of the CRNA profession credentialing process on the delivery of safe care, and has completed a study to examine factors related to the first-time pass rate of the NCE applicants in order for them to transition to practice.