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Cynthia Norman Carbo, DNP, RN

Cynthia Carbo
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Cynthia Carbo takes joy and pride in watching and promoting the growth and development of the next generation of nursing professionals. A clinical specialist in adult mental health nursing, her particular areas of interest are geriatric mental health nursing and affective disorders including depression and suicidal tendencies. The chronic, often cyclical nature of mental disorders offers Dr. Carbo the opportunity to engage patients and families over time and work with both to plan and promote individualized ongoing care and treatment. She believes that one of the most challenging aspects of psychiatric nursing is the stigma surrounding mental illness and is a strong advocate for access to treatment for underserved populations, including older adults who lack adequate care.

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Geriatric psychiatry with a focus on dementia and affective disorders
  • Research
    • Geriatric psychiatry
    • Dementia care
    • Depression