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Kelly M. Bower, PhD, MPH, RN, APHN-BC

Assistant Professor
Kelly Bower
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Kelly Bower combines her love of public health nursing and teaching to the benefit of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. In clinical and lab courses and as coordinator of the school's Public Health Nurse course, she is opening the eyes and minds of nursing students to population-based clinical practice, particularly among at-risk populations. Through clinical work in East Baltimore, Dr. Bower and her students have provided family health assessments and intake, classes to promote healthy lifestyles, programs to enhance health literacy, and home visits to monitor chronic illness management. Her years of practice at community agencies and clinics throughout the city have contributed to her expertise in conducting community health needs assessments, authoring successful grant applications, and designing and implementing program evaluation. Her work in the community also spurred her interest in urban health and addressing health disparities, a passion she shares with her students. She earned her doctoral degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; her dissertation focused on the relationship between residential segregation, food store availability, and racial disparities in obesity.

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Substance use; uninsured patients; health disparities; health literacy; residential segregation; food store availability; obesity; fetal and infant mortality
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    Bower KM, Thorpe RJ, Yenokyan G, McGinty EE, Dubay L, & Gaskin DJ. (2015). "Racial Residential Segregation and Disparities in Obesity Among Women." Journal of Urban Health, 92(5): 843-852.

    Bower KM, Thorpe RJ, Rohde C, & Gaskin DJ. (2013). "The Intersection of Neighborhood Racial Segregation, Poverty, and Urbanicity and its Impact on Food Store Availability in the United States." Preventive Medicine, 58: 33-39.

    Bower KM, Thorpe RJ, & LaVeist TA. (2013). "Perceived Racial Discrimination and Mental Health in Low-income Urban-dwelling Whites." International Journal of Health Service, 43(2): 267-280.

    Gaskin DJ, Thorpe RJ, Galarraga JE, Bower KM, & Gary-Webb TL. (2013). "Disparities in Diabetes – The Nexus of Race, Poverty and Place. American Journal of Public Health, 104(11): 2147-2155.

    Alhusen J, Bower K, Epstein E & Sharps P. (In Press). "Racial discrimination and adverse birth outcomes: An integrative review." Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health.

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