Teaching and Learning as a Pathway to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

statement on commitment to Diversity, Equity, and inclusion 

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Committee on teaching and learning as a pathway to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

This committee was created by Dean Davidson in December 2019 with the charge to review and articulate the SON teaching and learning philosophy of inclusive excellence and the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as key priorities while modeling the profession’s commitment to health equity and social justice.  The committee works to engage faculty, staff, students and community members in cultural change and collectively create an environment based on respect, integrity and civility, where all individuals can thrive and have their contributions valued.  This committee is led by a steering committee that branches into 3 strategic area based work groups.

Work group 1 – Assessing and Addressing our Biases & Determining Measures and Impact at JHSON

The purpose of this group is to foster inter and intrapersonal awareness.  The process will be transformative and inclusive of both individual and collective perspectives.

This group has identified an expert to develop an assessment strategy and work with any data or information collected to help analyze it and develop strategies to address any embedded biases within our curriculum and culture.

Collected a list of outcomes and measures by benchmarking exemplar institutions and looking at the following areas of potential impact: 

    • Current diversity related data for faculty, staff, and students.

    • Current methods to increase diversity awareness for faculty staff and students including training, programming, and support groups.

    • Ensuring an inclusive learning environment with support from instructional design, tracking date from student course evaluations, using pre and post surveys to gauge impact of new measures.

    • Using an equity lens to evaluate student success.

Work group 2 – Assessing Teaching and Learning Processes and Practices & COLLECTING AND CREATING DEI TEACHING AND LEARNING RESOURCES

Conducting a systemic curricular review process, establishing best practice and monitoring with regular assessments of course materials.  The group is currently reviewing course materials and texts to determine if content is equitable, accurate and inclusive across race, ethnicity, and gender identity .  

Working to generate support and resources for faculty, clinical instructors, and teaching assistants. These resources will support coaching and education that addresses and tackles ideologies and practices that reinforce systems of oppression within the teaching and learning. Currently producing support tools that provide guidance, recommendations, best practices, and activities that incorporate pedagogical frameworks and models for inclusive learning.

Work group 3 – Communication & Dissemination

Communicating with the community about the work of the committee.  Updates will be regularly posted on this webpage.

This is just the start of our ongoing responsibility to create an inclusive, anti-racist teaching and learning environment.  We are being thoughtful in our review; analysis and approach to create long term, sustainable change and impact at the School of Nursing.  We recognize and are committed to the need for reevaluation and change.  We are continuing to build on our efforts with even greater transparency and efficacy.  We are listening, learning, and committed to long-term, lasting change. If you are interested in joining us in this very important work, please reach out to JHSON Academic Affairs.