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Simulation Center

Bridging the Gap between Academe and Clinical Practice

Our mission at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Clinical Simulation Center is to provide students with a safe, realistic environment in which to improve patient safety and quality of care.

Nursing students entering professional practice can find it difficult to transfer classroom learning into clinical practice. We include simulations in our nursing curriculum as a teaching strategy that provides students interactive, practice-based instruction and offers nurse educators the opportunity to meet students’ educational needs.

Students are introduced to the best practices in patient safety and quality of care and learn to think critically, solve problems, and provide care in a safe, nonthreatening environment where mistakes can be made with no risk to patients.

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Our students begin the simulation experience in their first semesters and actively participate in simulation throughout their nursing education. Standardized patients, patient simulator manikins, and other high-fidelity simulation approaches offer interactively challenging experiences that support future health care professionals in developing and practicing team and decision-making skills.

The expanded hands-on training helps students, nurses, and doctors save lives and safeguard their patients’ health in virtually every service setting and patient population.

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Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Clinical Simulation Center

  • NCSBN National Study
    The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing was among 10 pre-licensure programs across the United States that participated in a National Council of State Boards of Nursing simulation study that showed the value of high-quality simulated clinical experience for students.

    Learn More about the NCSBN National Study
  • Inter-professional Training
    Associate Professor Elizabeth “Ibby” Tanner is leading the way on interprofessional education as the School of Nursing liaison in implementing IPE training over several disciplines with faculty, experienced clinicians, and students from Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health.

    Learn More about this Training
  • 2016 Simulation Journal Club award finalist
    Congratulations to Nancy Sullivan, JHSON’s simulation director, on being a 2016 Simulation Journal Club award finalist for her eye-catching article “Simulation exercises to improve retention of cardiopulmonary resuscitation priorities for in-hospital cardiac arrests.” “Simmy Award” finalists are chosen for their high potential impact on patient care outcomes or simulation literature.
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Our goals at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Simulation Center are to provide:

  • State-of-the-art scenarios that are evidenced-based, engaging, and challenging
  • A risk-free environment in which students encounter situations that require clinical reasoning and high-level decision making
  • A safe place in which to enhance students’ ability to promote patient safety and provide quality care
  • Experiences that increase clinical competence, skill development, communication, teamwork, and efficiency
  • Team-led debriefings and feedback that enhance students’ learning and growth
  • Debriefings that encourage self-analysis of performance through dialogue and reflection
  • Opportunities that promote caring encounters with patients and peers.

Within the 3,296-square foot Simulation Center, we promote intimate as well as large-scale simulation interactions that offer a great opportunity for interprofessional learning.

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