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Doctor Nurse Alliance

Students drive change -- throughout Hopkins’ IPE work, there is a strong student voice and presence. Students from both Schools have been included in the Collaborative’s curriculum group as advisors, and student leaders joined panel discussions at the March faculty development workshop to share their experiences and views. “It’s imperative to have students involved at this level,” says Tanner.

The success of the Daniels Initiative also inspired a student interest group devoted to IPE. Under the leadership of medical student Brent Pottenger and nursing student Paige Griffith as co-presidents and also Daniels Scholars, the Doctor-Nurse Alliance was formed. The Alliance’s first meeting in October 2011 brought 70 students from both Schools, and has been producing events and creating opportunities for its members from the start.

Pottenger sees this student interaction as a way to build momentum to help them prepare for their professional environments, and hopes that their programs can be replicated in other schools to innovate healthcare education. “Because of the way our campus buildings are laid out, the analogy we’ve used is that medical and nursing students are on different sides of the dome,” he says. “But in our professions, everyone interacts. We’ve all been really excited about crossing that divide, literally and metaphorically. I think this global perspective can change healthcare.” Read the rest of this article in Johns Hopkins Nursing