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Advances in Nursing Doctoral Education & Research (ANDER)

Now inviting authors to submit papers to the Advances in Nursing Doctoral Education and Research journal. Contact or editors for more details.

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2015 Deadlines

September 1
December 1

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The goals of Advances in Nursing Doctoral Education and Research:

  1. Promote academic debates and reports around nursing doctoral education
  2. Provide an academic platform for doctoral educators to share their innovations and experiences in providing nursing doctoral education
  3. Publish high quality nursing and interdisciplinary research
  4. Share best practices and procedures to enhance the diversity and quality in nursing doctoral education

Manuscripts submitted will be reviewed for their match to the journal’s aims by the editors. If the manuscript is a match for the journal’s aims, the editors will identify two editorial board members or manuscript reviewers with expertise in the area of the manuscript topic to review it and make recommendations regarding whether to publish it and any editing needed. The process will be ‘blinded’, neither the author(s) nor the reviewer will know the other’s identity.

Papers may be on any topic relevant to the goals of the publication and INDEN. (please refer to the INDEN website for its aim and objectives in detail) This may include those focused on research, theory, program evaluation and other scholarly papers related to nursing doctoral education and research topics. Some issues of the journal may focus on a particular theme such as “Measuring quality in nursing doctoral education.”


  1. Relevancy to aims of this publication
  2. Follow format guidelines for manuscripts
  3. Length – 2500-3000 words with 12 Arial font and double line spacing.
  4. Format for research manuscripts:
    1. ​Abstract (limited to 350 words)
    2. Key words (3-4)
    3. Introduction
    4. Methodology
    5. Analysis
    6. Conclusions
    7. Discussion
    8. Recommendations for practice and future research
  5. ​Format for discussion manuscripts:
    1. ​Abstract (limited to 350 words)
    2. A concise summary of the argument or proposed course of action and conclusions
    3. 3-4 key words



Marie T. Nolan |

Associate Editors