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Contact Information:
Associate Dean, Community Programs & Initiatives
Phyllis Sharps, PhD, RN, FAAN 410-614-5312
Associate Dean, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Jennifer Dotzenrod      410-955-7694
Pain Management & Proper Opioid Use

Dates: May 10- August 31, 2019
Cost: No cost
CEUs: 6 total

HRSA Grant #T94HP30894

Pain Management & Proper Opioid Use

Online Professional Education Program for Advanced Practice Nurse Educators

6 Online Webinars

  1. Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment -SBIRT - Michael Sanchez, DNP, FNP
  2. Decreasing the Pain of Opioid Weaning - Marianne Fingerhood, DNP, AGNP
  3. Trauma Informed Approaches and Pain Management - Patty Wilson, PhD, PMHNP
  4. Integrative/Complementary Approaches for Pain Management - Catherine Ling, PhD, FNP, FAANP
  5. Educate the Educators: Increasing competence in non-opioid management of pain for NP preceptors - Susan Renda, DNP, ANP, FAAN
  6. Mothers who are opioid dependent and desire to breastfeed- Guidelines for practice - JoAnne Flagg, DNP, CPNP, IBCLC, FAAN & Deborah Busch, DNP, CPNP, IBCLC

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The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON), along with 50 other schools of nursing, received the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) training grant during 2017.  These HRSA ANEW funded programs were aimed at increasing the number of qualified primary care advanced practice nurses prepared to practice in underserved areas and to provide funding and support to increase nursing education opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented  in nursing to be prepared as advanced practice nurses.


The JHSON ANEW Program will prepare advanced practice primary care nurse practitioners, who upon graduation and certification will be prepared to practice in underserved urban community settings through an innovative academic-practice partnership with JH Community Physicians. This innovative academic-practice partnership will emphasize primary care, using an advance practice nursing model, in underserved settings, with an intensive clinical immersion that provides for management and continuity of care of a patient panel, integrating concepts from public health and population management.

ANEW Purpose:

Population aging, increasing health disparities and the increasing burden of chronic disease underscores the importance of a robust primary care health care system that include advanced practice primary care nurses (NPs) prepared to address these challenges .  The Advanced Practice Nurse Enhanced Workforce (ANEW) Program seeks to prepare advanced practice primary care nurses to practice in underserved settings through a catalytic academic practice partnership.

  • Cohort 1
    Students NameSpecialty Track
    Ann Marie AlbrightFNP-MSN
    Amelia CoverAGNP-MSN
    Gina FerrariFNP-MSN/MPH
    Rose IweFNP-MSN
    Pavithra JaisankarFNP-MSN/MPH
    Aura SantaellaFNP-MSN
    Kate Spence (now Rawls)FNP-MSN
    Eleanor SullivanAGNP-MSN
    Meredith ZoltickAGNP-MSN/MPH
  • Cohort 2
    Students NameSpecialty Track
    Samantha AustinFNP-MSN/MPH
    Claire TindulaFNP-DNP
    Ana SaavedraPNP-DNP
    Marcella HillFNP-DNP
    Lisa TranFNP-DNP
    Kimberly FordFNP-DNP
    Kinjal BhattFNP-DNP
    Corinne RobertoAGNP-DNP

Community Advisory Board

An important aspect to promoting and insuring the quality of training program, community –service learning and the competency of the graduates is to establish a means for academic partners, training program practice partners and community members who are recipients of care to be able to discuss perceptions, expectations, satisfaction with service, and educational needs of ANEW Scholars as well as other students participating in service-learning activities of CCIAS.  The ANEW Scholars Program and the CCIAS will convene a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to establish this important dialogue between educators, practice partners and community members. The CAB will also serve as an advisory board for both the ANEW Scholars Program and the Center for Community Innovations and Scholarship (CCIAS) at JHSON.

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The newsletter will introduce our scholars, and discussions about providing advanced practice primary nursing care in underserved community. Our hope is that you will find the ANEW NEWS newsletter informative.

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Contact Info

For additional information please contact Dr. Phyllis Sharps, Associate Dean for Community Programs and Initiatives, or Jennifer Dotzenrod, Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs,