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Caring for someone with dementia exhibiting challenging behaviors? 
This study may be right for you.

Dementia Behavior Study


Agitation, anger, anxiety, irritability, pacing, refusing needed help, or asking questions over and over are common behaviors in persons with dementia. Difficult to manage, they can negatively impact the quality-of-life of both the person with dementia and the family member. We are seeking participants for a research study evaluating ways of helping families manage challenging behaviors of persons with dementia who are living at home.

Participation Requirements

To take part, you must be...

  • Living with and caring for a person with dementia
  • Planning to live in the same area for the next seven months
  • At least 21 years old
  • Managing one or more behaviors you find challenging
  • Able to speak and understand English

Participation Involvement

You will be interviewed by telephone and then in your home. If we determine the study is right for you and the person you care for who has dementia, you both will be randomly assigned to one of two groups to receive up to eight home visits. Follow-up interviews with research study participants will occur at three and six months.

Group A: Tailored Activity Program

Families will learn...

  • How to engage a person with dementia in activities that interest them
  • Ways to handle stress associated with caregiving

Group B: Home Safety and Education Program

Families will learn...

  • How to make the home safe for the person with dementia
  • How to be a healthcare advocate


  • Learn potentially helpful information and strategies
  • It’s free!
  • Eligible to receive up to $45 in gift cards for completing three home interviews
  • Participation is voluntary and will not affect services you may be receiving or want to receive
  • Study does not involve medications or require that current medications you or your family member take be stopped

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Principal Investigator: Laura N. Gitlin, PhD
IRB #NA_00067873, Clinical Trial #NCT01892579
Funded by the National Institute on Aging grant #NIH R01AGO4178
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