Degree: DrPH

  • Deborah Paone

    Deborah Paone

    Dr. Deborah Paone works with providers, health plans, communities, research centers, and government agencies to promote better systems of care. Throughout her 25+ year career, Deborah has worked across disciplines and settings—bridging policy, practice, and research—to integrate health care and social services for older adults, people with disabilities, and family caregivers. Deborah is a subject…

  • Maryann Fralic

    Maryann Fralic

    Dr. Maryann Fralic is a leader among nurse leaders. An expert in health services administration and executive nurse practice, she continuously explores emerging issues in nursing education, research, and practice and melds them together to inform the future of nursing. At the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and in hospitals, community-based practice, and the…

  • Christopher G. Chute

    Christopher G. Chute

    Christopher Chute is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in Health Informatics, a physician-scientist and biomedical informatician known for biomedical terminologies and health information technology standards. He chairs the World Health Organization Revision Steering Group for the revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Dr. Chute has academic appointments in the School of Medicine (Division of General…