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How to Apply - SMDM COVID-19 Decision Modeling Grant

How to Apply

Applications for high impact decision modeling grants will be accepted starting May 18, 2020 through June 30, 2020 and award decisions will be made on a rolling basis.

Applications are submitted online and must include the following information:

Project Description (up to two pages, single-spaced, 11-point font minimum) which contains the following information:

  • statement of the project’s specific aims, significance, and impact
  • description of the research plan and methodologies to be employed
  • discussion of how the data and how key variables will be measured and analyzed
  • anticipated impact on clinical or health services delivery or policy decisions

Timeline and Project Budget (not to exceed one page, 11-point font minimum)

  • main activities and dependencies for project completion (e.g., Gantt chart). Timeline of 4 months strongly preferred, but will accept applications with a 6 month timeline.
  • clearly describe the specific items to be funded by the grant, and provide detailed line item justification for proposals.
  • formal budget and application approvals will be required after proposal is selected. Indirect costs are 12.5%.

Timeline and Project Budget

Biosketches or CVs

Principal Investigator (PI’s) and Co-Investigator NIH biosketches or equivalent (5 page maximum for each) with selected relevant publications, current research support, and research support received during the past three years.

Letter of Support

Need to demonstrate prior experience with connecting decision modeling research to time-sensitive policy or practice questions. Include examples and evidence about how decision modeling work connected with real world decisionmakers and informed decision making.


Download grant factsheet

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Application Submission Preview

Budget Template