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Become a Preceptor

See and hear what our students say about their preceptors - watch a video.

See and hear what our students say about their preceptors - watch another video

Nurse practitioner students are licensed registered nurses dedicated to learning the role of an advanced practice nurse in a structured academic, graduate setting. Preceptors are vital mentors in this process—partnering with nursing faculty to expand students’ clinical experiences as they learn to assess, diagnose, and treat patients.

We are looking for experienced clinicians such as nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants who can host nurse practitioner students in a variety of clinical settings. If you are interested in precepting a nurse practitioner student from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, please contact Sherrie Phillips Byers, MSN, RN, director of Clinical Partner Relations and Placements, at 410-502-4188 or  ​

Benefits for Students

Preceptors offer students powerful learning opportunities that call on hearing, sight, sound, and touch, that immerse them deeply in patient care, and that build knowledge, skills, and confidence. The experience makes them better, more prepared nurses.

Benefits for Preceptors

  • The opportunity for adjunct faculty appointments and clinical instructor positions
  • Scholarly collaboration with School of Nursing faculty
  • Welch Library privileges

There is also the pride of knowing that your contributions have advanced the nursing profession.

Benefits for Health Care

Clinical preceptors and faculty are integral to the success of future nurses, and so a shortage of them can leave medical institutions scrambling. Student-preceptor relationships build nurses who are better prepared to step directly into key caregiver roles.