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The Nurse Leader Executive Mentorship Program was established by Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Professor Maryann F. Fralic, DrPH, RN, FAAN, to provide extraordinary executive mentorship opportunities for students in the DNP program


For the selected DNP students, the Nurse Leader Executive Mentorship Program has the potential to bring life-changing experiences and learning opportunities.  For the participating volunteer Executive Mentors, the experience offers avenues to share expertise, and engage and positively influence tomorrow's professional health care leaders.

The financial support offered through the program enables students to take advantage of mentoring opportunities at the highest levels. Linkages with distinguished mentors are the essence of the program.


Each year, the Nurse Leader Executive Mentorship Program will provide up to two exceptional DNP students with financial support aimed at building a year-long relationship with executive mentors from a variety of non-health care disciplines and industries, including the worlds of business, finance, entertainment, media, politics and government, science, and technology.
Selected students will receive support of up to $5,000 in expense reimbursement to help them experience mentorship and educational opportunities that enhance their expertise and understanding of the techniques and tools of highly successful leaders.  These learning experiences will guide them in the development of their own leadership skills and future career endeavors.  

Grants are intended to defray expenses which normally would prohibit a student from taking advantage of this type of opportunity (for example, travel, lodging, conferences, seminars, books, conference calls, etc).


This opportunity is for students entering the last year of the DNP (Executive or Advanced Practice) program. Student participants are selected based on their educational and professional credentials and references, demonstrated competencies and accomplishment in their chosen field of nursing, and on their proposed learning objectives for working productively with an executive mentor. 


  • Be enrolled and in good standing in the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing DNP program
  • Have excellent academic performance and in good academic standing
  • Demonstrate exceptional competencies in their specialty—at their current career stage
  • Have the strong endorsement of their JHUSON faculty advisor and their current or former employer
  • Demonstrate integrity, good judgment, and the excellent interpersonal skills and abilities required to actively cultivate a productive relationship with an executive mentor
  • Describe how an executive mentorship opportunity will benefit their learning and career paths.
  • Exhibit awareness and sensitivity to the political, economic, and social challenges that drive the health care environments of today and tomorrow and that will face the nurse leader of the future

Application Process

Applications to the program will be accepted from DNP students entering their last academic year from March 15-April 1. Submission packet is restricted to the following:

  • A letter—no longer than two pages (750 words maximum)— addressed to the DNP Program Director at the School of Nursing describing:
    • why the applicant wants to participate in the program
    • what type of mentor the applicant desires (from outside the School of Nursing)
    • learning objectives that the applicant will pursue
    • whether or not the applicant has a specific mentor in mind **
  • Curriculum vitae or resume

**Applicants may not approach any potential mentor until approved by this program. Assistance will be provided by the selection panel in identifying suitable mentors.

Email, mail or deliver all hard copy materials to:

Tammy Hubbe, DNP-Executive Academic Program Administrator
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
525 N. Wolfe Street, Suite S420
Baltimore, MD 21205

Selection process

The Office of Academic Affairs will review each submission for eligibility and completeness. Applications will be reviewed by a selection panel comprised of members of the School of Nursing’s senior leadership.  The number of applicants selected will not exceed two each year and will be determined by the quality of the applications.  Applicants will be informed of the panel's decisions within 45 days following the submission deadline. 

The administration of the program will be overseen by the Office of Academic Affairs.

All selected applicants agree to:

  • Receive coaching on how to best approach a potential mentor
  • Develop and implement a plan for working productively with a mentor
  • Be accountable for their stated timelines and objectives
  • Maintain active contact with their selected mentor throughout the mentorship year
  • Share their experience with other DNP students, and other interested faculty and students, through scheduled formal and informal presentations
  • Be available to external and internal media to share their stories
  • Submit a final report to the Program Director of the DNP within 30 days of completion of their mentor experience.