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We've expanded the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing garden to create a unified campus. The courtyard of the Pinkard Building, the gardens of the SON House, and the space behind the new Student House have been renovated and linked to create a unique green space on the East Baltimore campus.

Portions of the walls on the south and north side of the main courtyard were knocked down, and some walls in the gardens of both houses were modified to seating height. Badge-entry gates were installed on the north, south, and east entrances to the campus, allowing removal of the badge-entry locks on the Pinkard building.

Landscapers have enhanced the new campus by replacing cherry trees inside the main courtyard and removing damaged and dead trees and shrubs in the house gardens. Additional plantings will take place in the Fall and at other appropriate times.

Each fall faculty, staff, and students celebrate the beginning of the new academic year with a garden party featuring refreshments, games, music, and plenty of sunshine.