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  • Master's Entry into Nursing
    Welcoming the First Master's Entry into Nursing Cohort
    It's history in the making this fall as we welcome the first cohort of our NEW pre-licensure program. You can still become a future Hopkins Nurse by applying for spring 2016.
  • Nursing King v Burwell
    Supreme Court Backs Care Act and, by Extension, Nurses
    Regardless of political persuasion, it is hard to deny that providing increased access to health care is a good thing. Dean Davidson comments on the King v Burwell Decision and what it means for nursing.
  • Nursing Q&A
    Student Q&A: A Breath of Fresh Air
    Ashley Sayles is a force of nature, and we consider ourselves very lucky around here that she never became a Hurricane. We’ll let her explain…
  • Nursing Language Courses
    Found In Translation
    Spanish class helps nurses clear barriers to care at the bedside.
  • Nursing Big Data
    Big Data's Bottom Line
    Nurses are key figures in turning great numbers into best practices.
  • Nursing PhDs Give Back
    Been There, Done That, PhDs Give Back
    PhD Learning Lab passes wisdom and experiences from one doctoral cohort to the next.

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  • HBS Student Research in Progress Series
  • Oct 15
  •                From an Ecological to an Eco-social framework:  

     Social cohesion and HIV stigma in Mozambique and the Dominican Republic 

    Maria Carrasco, MPP, MPH, PhD(c)

    Center for Communication Program (CCP)

    Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

    October, 15, 2015

    12 noon -1:20 pm

    HH Room 901

  • Trauma Informed Care for HIV+ Populations--Edward Machtinger, MD (UCSF)
  • Oct 16
  • Please join us on Friday, October 16, 2015 in SON Room 217 for a presentation on "Trauma Informed Care for HIV+ Populations" by Edward Machtinger, MD.

    Eddy Machtinger is a Professor of Clinical Medicine and Director of the HIV Women's Program at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

    His primary academic interest is the relationship between HIV andviolence against women. His current work is centered on developing a scalable model of trauma-informed primary care.

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Hopkins Nursing Sweeps FAAN Recognition

Faculty members at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing will be honored in all three categories of the American Academy of Nursing’s Fellows recognition. Sharon Kozachik, PhD, RN, and Jennifer Wenzel, PhD, RN, CCM, will be inducted as Fellows, Laura Gitlin, PhD, will be awarded an Honorary fellowship, and Fannie Gaston-Johansson, PhD, RN, FAAN, will be recognized as a Living Legend—the academy’s highest distinction....Click here to read more.

Screening for Postpartum Depression

pregnancySometimes it’s just the “blues,” but sometimes it’s more adverse. Dean Patricia Davidson takes a look at postpartum depression and new studies that suggest at-home support is an effective way to mediate some of the impacts of depression....Click here to read more.

The Diabetes Domino

globalIt’s what you might call the domino effect: Diabetes leads to higher risk for stroke. Stroke leads to higher risk for heart disease. And heart disease leads to more deaths globally than any other disease or infection....Click here to read more.

Exceptional People - Exceptional Possibilities

Our Programs

We offer programs designed to fit the needs of a diverse student population. From pre-licensure programs to Master's, DNP and PhD programs, online options, and post-degree opportunities, the School of Nursing offers more nursing possibilities for more people in a variety of places, times, and formats.
  • "Even though you're doing your master's, you're very much a part of the PhD cohort."
    Bryan R. Hansen, Master's
  • "Nursing isn’t just about giving meds and doing assessments. It’s the compassion and being present and listening."
    Barbara Badman, Bachelor's
  • "I wanted to have the opportunity to make an impact."
    Alison Owens, Master's
Meet Our Students

Areas of Excellence

You can take the Hopkins Nurse out of Baltimore, but you can't take Baltimore out of the Hopkins Nurse. Our students, faculty, and staff pursue their passion for nursing in places that give them global perspective on healthcare leadership. They study and volunteer at the top-ranked Johns Hopkins Hospital and in urban health clinics near the school's East Baltimore campus; conduct research at the nearby National Institutes of Health; and enhance their skills by practicing around the world.
  • Aging & Dementia Care
    Aging & Dementia Care
    In 15 years, 1 in 5 Americans will be 65 or older. And by 2040, perhaps 28 million will be 80 or older. Improving care for the elderly and defining nursing’s lead role won’t wait until then.
    Our Approach to Aging
  • Community, Global & Public Health
    Community, Global & Public Health
    The world’s health is a puzzle, with the pieces often hidden in the fabric of a culture halfway across the globe … or on the next street corner.
    Hopkins Nursing Around the Globe
  • Quality & Safety / Health Systems Management
    Quality & Safety / Health Systems Management
    Medical errors and preventable patient infections and injuries together make up the third-leading cause of death in the United States, a startling statistic.
    How We Are Keeping Patients Safe
  • Mental Health & Behavioral Interventions
    Mental Health & Behavioral Interventions
    The influx of newly insured people seeking mental healthcare puts the spotlight on a challenge that long preceded the Affordable Care Act.
    How We Are Addressing Mental Health
  • Cardiovascular, Chronic Care & Symptom Management
    Cardiovascular, Chronic Care & Symptom Management
    Heart disease and stroke remain two of the top killers of Americans and pose a significant threat to millions of others, according to the American Heart Association.
    Learn How We Are Turning the Tide on Cardiovascular Health

Research Centers

Our faculty-led, interdisciplinary centers strengthen a focused area of scholarship in healthcare by providing an environment to expand the knowledge base, integrate specific education and practice initiatives, and mentor new scholars.

Hopkins Nursing At-A-Glance

In many ways, Baltimore is the heart of American healthcare education and opportunity. Home to the world-class Johns Hopkins institutions, the city is the site of two rapidly developing biotechnology centers and several nationally ranked hospitals. View All Facts

Four Corners

Located adjacent to the top-ranked Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine and Public Health.

Nation's first Paul D. Coverdell (Peace Corps) Fellows Program in nursing

Faculty Hired

8 New full-time faculty hired

Published Manuscripts

314 Published manuscripts

Experience the Possibilities

Ready to join the Johns Hopkins family? We are always looking for exceptional people. We are ranked No. 1, along with two other schools, for our nursing graduate program by U.S. News & World Report and are among the top nursing PhD programs in the nation, according to the National Research Council. We rank sixth in the nation for faculty productivity, No. 6 among nursing schools for NIH funding, and 30% of our ranked faculty members are Fellows in the American Academy of Nursing.

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On the Pulse is an email publication that features faculty and student news, accomplishments, and awards.
Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine
Cells to Society is an email publication that features the school’s latest research news and scholarly articles on healthcare issues.

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