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Amit Dhir, BS'14, RN

Amit Dhir

Program: HIV Primary Care Certificate

Through Their Eyes

Transforming HIV Care

Connecticut native Amit Dhir’s journey toward the HIV Primary Care Certificate began while he was studying for a master’s in business administration. He landed in an internship doing cash-flow reports at the Central Area Health Education Center, an HIV care facility in Hartford, CT with a focus on underserved patient populations.

“I was there for six months, and I was just so amazed at the care the nurse practitioners were providing to their patients,” Dhir says.

One thing that appealed to Dhir is the new curriculum’s focus on multidisciplinary approaches and treating patients in a holistic manner that goes beyond traditional clinical care and reaches across the psychosocial spectrum of their lives.

“Eventually, I want to work internationally, in places where they don’t have access to the medications that we do here,” he says. “I want to be a part of bringing to those places more access to the kind of normal lives that HIV-positive patients are living here in the West.”