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Student Organizations

SON Life  
Students may participate in a number of clubs and organizations within the School of Nursing, including:

The Bukavu Action Team (BAT)

BAT promotes social stability and health in the great lakes region of Africa, and the greater continent, through an international collaboration between Great Lakes Restoration and the students and health care workers both at home, within the Johns Hopkins Institutes, and abroad. BAT raises awareness in Baltimore, the surrounding area, and throughout the United States about ongoing conflicts and the humanitarian crisis in the Congo, while raising funds to help support

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Bienestar Baltimore

Bienestar Baltimore is a tri-school organization (JHU School of Nursing, School of Medicine, and School of Public Health) that provides health outreach to the Latino community in East Baltimore in conjunction with the Hispanic Apolstolate, Provision, and Baltimore Medical Systems. Our projects include screening for Tuberculosis (TB), prenatal charlas, and teaching English as a second language classes.

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Black Student Nurses Association (BSNA)

This organization is open to students who are willing to support the goals of encouraging more minorities to enter the field of nursing, promoting professional growth and leadership through participation in professional nursing organizations, promoting professional standards and ethics, making a connection with and providing service to the surrounding communities, providing the opportunity to become acquainted with and enjoying the fellowship of students and faculty whose professional interests are in health and nursing, and keeping the members and the SON informed of emerging trends in health and nursing.

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Doctoral Student Association (DSO)

The DSO is an education and social group that assists the development of students' professional and leadership roles in nursing and health care and promotes fellowship among the doctoral students. The DSO also elects representatives to school-wide committees.

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Geriatric Interest Group (GIG)

The Geriatric Interest Group is a student organization with a special interest in gerontological nursing and the older adult population. It is dedicated to enhancing knowledge about nursing roles and the science and practice of quality nursing care for older adults. More than 100 undergraduate and graduate students make the GIG the largest of 21 groups at the School of Nursing. Students meet monthly to hear guest speakers, dialogue about issues related to aging, enjoy dinner and a movie, and plan service projects.

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Gertrude Stein Society

This group is the organization for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) members of the JHMI community, as well as for others who are interested in issues related to LBGT individuals. The organization sponsors both social and research/practice oriented activities. Events include those planned in conjunction with National Coming Out Day, as well as parties and social outings.

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Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The GSO assists in students' professional development and leadership role in nursing and health care. It promotes fellowship among the graduate students and elects representatives to school-wide committees.

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Hopkins Marathon Team

A group of long distance runners from the Johns Hopkins schools of Nursing, Public Health, and Medicine. Their goal is to get fellow students excited and involved in the sport of running and to promote health and wellness. This group fosters collaboration among students from all disciplines at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus as they work together toward the common goal of completing a marathon.

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International Volunteer Group

The International Volunteer Group sponsors small grants for students to do volunteer or  research work abroad,  collaborates with the International Rescue Committee in Baltimore, and organizes a spring break trip with Guatemala Esperanza (headed by former JHUSON alum Ron Noecker) to volunteer in clinics on a variety of health-related projects.  Students who have connections with any organizations or communities abroad are encouraged to submit an informal proposal for endorsement from IVG.

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Integrative Health Interest Group

This group works to increase awareness of and interest in integrative health, through the exploration of complementary and alternative health care modalities while advocating for and promoting a holistic approach to health care delivery.

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Jewish Student Organization

This organization works closely with Baltimore Hillel and is dedicated to bringing exciting, meaningful and celebratory Jewish experiences to all Jewish students on the campuses of Goucher College, Johns Hopkins University, Towson University, UMBC, and the graduate and professional students throughout the Greater Baltimore Area.

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Korean Student Association (KSA)

The KSA strives to serve the Korean American community at the SON, one of the largest diversity groups at the school. The group's mission is to share unique cultural values of first- and second-generation Korean Americans and to expand Korean cultural knowledge throughout the SON community and the wider community. The KSA is devoted to supporting the Asian and Korean communities through volunteer work and by hosting social and education events.

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Maryland Association of Nursing Students (MANS)

MANS is a constituent member of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). MANS helps students in Maryland nursing programs to bridge the way from the student role to the professional nursing role by providing an opportunity for students to develop networking and leadership skills; opening a line of communication with the Maryland Nursing Association (MNA) for students; and providing information useful in developing a professional nursing career such as updates on legislative issues, community health issues, and education issues.

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Men in Nursing

The Men in Nursing group was established to recruit more men into nursing and to highlight and promote the role of men in the nursing profession to prospective students and to the community. The group also serves to provide students a supportive environment to present issues and concerns unique to men in the field of nursing. The group offers mentoring services, professional resources, advocacy and social networking.

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National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA)

NSNA is a nonprofit organization for students enrolled in associate, baccalaureate, diploma, and generic graduate nursing programs. It is dedicated to fostering the professional development of nursing students and facilitating their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.

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Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)

NCF is a professional organization and ministry for nurses and nursing students, affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. NCF brings the good news of Jesus Christ to nursing education and nursing practice.

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Nursing Students in Global Health (NSIGH)

This group facilitates and supports students in gaining knowledge and experience in international health, and serves as a resource center for opportunities available at Johns Hopkins and other organizations.

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Nursing Students United for Advocacy and Action (NSUAA)

NSUAA serves the JHU community of students, staff and faculty as facilitators in the discussion and promotion of all peoples, striving for an environment of acceptance, mutual respect and appreciation. We are committed to providing an open forum for diversity concerns, a safe gathering place for all members of the community, and an organized force for advocacy and change.

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Nursing Students for Reproductive Health and Justice (NSRHJ)

NSRHJ works to promote women's health and reproductive rights through awareness, advocacy, activism and community outreach. NSRHJ welcomes any undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level student who is interested in promoting women's health and expanding knowledge around social justice and reproductive health.

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Pediatric and School Health Interest Group (PHIG)

Dedicated to helping promote the intellectual and personal goals of nursing students interested in caring for school-aged children, the group’s focus includes:

  1. Physical and metal health education for children and parents
  2. Promotion and understanding the role of the school nurse
  3. A public health approach to school health

Members have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities throughout the semesters, including: 

  • Volunteer activities, such as parent and student health fairs at local Baltimore City schools
  • Health education opportunities within the Baltimore community
  • Attending the inaugural Pediatric and School Health Conference hosted by JHUSON
  • Pediatric-related events in collaboration with Bloomberg School of Public Health and JHU School of Medicine

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Student Government Association (SGA)

There are two levels of the Student Government Association. The Executive Board serves a coordinating function among the individual classes and is responsible for school-wide events and issues. In addition to the Executive Board, each class has a set of class officers who make up the Class Board. These officers are responsible for class-wide events and issues.

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The JHU Homewood campus has a variety of extracurricular activities that nursing students may join: guest lecturers, concert series, intramural sports, symposia, films, a nationally ranked lacrosse team, and more. With over 70 organizations, students can become directly involved in planning campus events.

Students may also choose to participate in JHU Athletics.

Questions regarding any of the student groups can be directed to Nancy Griffin, Associate Dean for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs.

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