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Simulation Center

“Simulations help prepare us for real-life situations so we will know what to do if
we have a similar experience in a clinical atmosphere.”
Jennifer Hudson, BS ’11

State-of-the-art Simulations

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Healthcare professionals can learn in an immersive, realistic patient environment at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Simulation Center.

With two simulated patient rooms, a central control room, and two debriefing rooms, the 729-square foot Center promotes small group interactions and a team-based approach.

Bridging the Gap between Academe and Clinical Practice

Nursing students entering professional practice find it difficult to transfer learning into clinical practice. Including simulations in a nursing curriculum as a teaching strategy provides students an interactive, practice-based instructional strategy and offers nurse educators the opportunity to meet students’ educational needs.

Students are introduced to the best practices in patient safety and quality of care and can critically think, solve problems, and care for diverse clients in a safe, nonthreatening environment where mistakes can be made without risk to patients.

Expanding Hands-On Training

Through the use of patient simulator manikins and other high-fidelity simulations approaches, these interactively challenging experiences support all healthcare professionals in developing and practicing team and decision-making skills.

The expanded hands-on training helps students, nurses, and doctors save lives and safeguard their patients’ health in virtually every service setting and patient population. 

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