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Pre-licensure Nursing Options

Choosing Your Path to a Nursing Career

Pre-licensure Nursing Options

Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers study through award-winning community outreach initiatives in exchange for financial assistance or scholarships.


The power of choice defines the very best of career education. If you have already earned a non-nursing bachelor's degree, you are familiar with your unique learning style, professional goals, and scheduling needs. The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing offers you two program options that can accelerate your track to nursing practice, continue your studies through a doctoral program, or provide you clinical experience as you work toward advanced practice nursing.  Meet Our Partner Institutions

As of 2014, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has discontinued the following program options:  Fall-Entry Accelerated Bachelors, BS to MSN, and BS to MSN with Paid Clinical Residency. Prospective students who hold a bachelor's degree and are not already a nurse can now apply to either the Summer-Entry Accelerated Bachelor's or Master’s Entry into Nursing programs.

Master's Entry into Nursing

Discover the people, places, and possibilities of nursing at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University health and medical campus. Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and want to pursue a nursing career can enroll in a full-time graduate program to receive a Master of Science in Nursing. 

Start Your New Adventure

Summer-Entry Accelerated Bachelor's

Immerse yourself in nursing at an accelerated pace in this 13-month option that begins each May and concludes in July of the following year. This intense program is for high achievers ready to roll up their sleeves full-time to build an academic foundation for their future in nursing. 

Fast Track Your Career

Nursing Blogs at Johns Hopkins University » Accelerated

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