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Bachelor of Science with a Major in Nursing

Bachelor's in Nursing
"Nursing isn’t just about giving meds and doing assessments. It’s the compassion and being present and listening."
Barbara Badman , BS ’13, MPH, RN

Working as an epidemiologist in Tanzania, Barbara Badman discovered an unlikely role model: a local hospice nurse called Mama Hope. “She brought so much positive energy and hope and compassion to her patients,” says Badman, who came back to the U.S. to learn how to help people like Mama Hope did.

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Choosing Your Path to a Nursing Career

Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers study through award-winning community outreach initiatives in exchange for financial assistance or scholarships.


The power of choice defines the very best of career education. If you have already earned a bachelor's degree, you are familiar with your unique learning style, professional goals, and scheduling needs. The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing offers you four program options that can accelerate your track to nursing practice, continue your studies through a master's program, or provide you clinical experience as you work toward advanced practice nursing.

Summer-Entry Accelerated Program

13-month option, beginning each May, quickly guides motivated students through the bachelor's program. More

Fall-Entry Accelerated Program

17-month option, beginning each August, offers students the flexibility of a longer course of study for a bachelor's program. More

Accelerated BS to MSN with Paid Clinical Residency

Fall-entry option streamlines a course of study to prepare sought-after Clinical Nurse Specialists through an Accelerated BS program, a one-year paid residency as a full-time inpatient nurse at a Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospital, and a part-time master’s course of study. More


Flexible, individualized option, currently available in the Summer- and Fall-Entry Accelerated program, that offers graduates the opportunity to develop the breadth of knowledge and the analytic and practical skills needed by private and public sector employers.  More

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  2. Reflection on Guatemala

    A few things I took from Guatemala:

    …to whom much is given, from him much will be required. Luke 12:48

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